Belonging and Empowerment at Splice



Our inclusive and empowering culture is an integral part of Splice and we wholeheartedly embrace people’s individuality. We are an empathetic responder and an advocate for positive change in music culture. We are building a world where everyone has equitable access and opportunity to create music, progress in their careers and contribute to the community.

We exist to foster a purposefully diverse and inclusive community, where all members of our ecosystem feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to reach their highest potential.

Our Pledge

At Splice, our mission has always been to empower musicians to reach their highest potential.

However, we understand that Black, other non-white communities and people with disabilities face different, more difficult challenges accessing opportunity and overcoming biases to achieve their innate potential. Knowing that, we pledge to do our part to remove these inequities, both internally and externally and create the richly diverse and connected world we want to see.

We are

We remain

Committed to our statement of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, to center racial equity in our strategic and creative thinking.

We want to share the actions we are taking to confront racism and support cultural equity, access and belonging within our company and creative ecosystem. We are optimistic about the future but understand that systemic problems need systemic solutions.

Conducting a deep examination of our operations to identify these imbalances within Splice, understand their impact and intentionally reset them. In particular, we recognize that we, and the music industry as a whole, must do better in elevating and rewarding the invaluable contributions of Black executives, entrepreneurs and creators.

We pledge to

Build a Team that Reflects the Diversity of Our Ecosystem

We are committed to developing a diverse and inclusive team at Splice.

Cultivate a Culture of Belonging

We commit to actively fostering an inclusive environment in all aspects of our ecosystem, where all members can feel safe, heard, and supported.

Represent All Creators Authentically

We commit to building a racially diverse ecosystem to reflect global contemporary music culture.

We commit to leveraging our platform to elevate and amplify the voices, stories and experiences of underrepresented musicians, artists and activists.

Make Music Creation Accessible and Equitable

We commit to bringing the lens  of equity and accessibility to the product roadmap.

We commit to investing in music communities at a grassroots level and paving the way for the next generation of underrepresented creators and entrepreneurs to be raised up.

Check back for updates on our actions soon…